1️⃣  SALES EXPERIENCE - Sets Him Apart

        ✅   30+ year sales career - Commercial Sales with Fortune 500 companies. 

        ✅   Licensed since 2015, John is a FULL-TIME REALTOR. 

2️⃣   PROVEN SALES RESULTS...click here for My Recent Listings & Solds





        ✅    Early entry in the RE/MAX 100% CLUB (M/E SEPT 2021) 

        ✅    Top 3% of RE/MAX Agents in PA (2850 agents)- YTD ME SEPT 2021

        ✅    ALL 5-STAR Reviews on Google and Zillow

        ✅    Nationally Recognized Sales & Service Awards during career


4️⃣   The BEST Professional HD Photos, Walk-Through Home Video Tour and Drone video.

         "I can't believe how many Realtors take pictures on their phone with no attention to lighting or other staging details! Did you know that only 6% of Realtors on average include a 360 Video tour? I team with a photographer for up to 3+ hours on your property- to creates the best walk-through videos."

                  👉 My Home Video Tours Get Rave Reviews!


 5️⃣  STRATEGIC PLAN:  Presents a Custom "Plan For A Successful Sale".           

         ✅   Value of Re/Max and My Services...the Market, Your Neighborhood, What Buyers Look For, Pricing & Differentiating Your Home, Time Lines, Process, and What I Will Do.

 6️⃣  PREPARATION...SHOWINGS with the MOST Attention To Detail  





           ✅   Constantly Keeps You Updated and Guides Through The Process.

           ✅   Professional Approach- Engages all parties, differentiates your Home and Influences Buyer Action.

           ✅   2-Step Action Plan that reduces the risk of a low appraisal.

           ✅   Ability to Manage the Complexity of Multiple Offers, and Negotiate Better Terms and a Higher Price.


Choose John for “The Best MOVE 🏠You Will Ever Make!”